Microgrid Solutions


Providing electricity to communities beyond the grid is the cornerstone of community stabilization. Improving agriculture, public safety, education, health care and communication, for instance, depends on reliable access to power. Despite the proven benefits, many energy authorities are hesitant to invest in rural electrification. The challenges of serving remote communities are extensive, and the tools available to rural electrification authorities are limited. Electrification plans for the more remote and in-need communities have relied on fuel subsidies for generators, which are noisy, polluting, and require a continuous supply of fuel. These communities often cannot afford the upfront cost of grid extensions, requiring high tariffs or ongoing tariff subsidies.


Government and industry efforts to develop more sustainable energy sources have delivered a new generation of reliable and affordable renewable energy solutions. Energy storage and solar-hybrid technologies provide a less expensive alternative to fossil fuels and grid extensions. These systems no longer require lengthy engineering phases and have evolved into standardized products that can be deployed quickly and are scalable. Technology leaders like ZeroBase have proven the reliability and cost-effectiveness of these systems to customers both public and private. ZeroBase is developing an equipment leasing option for qualified customers. The ZeroBase Energy Financing mechanism will enable communities and individuals to obtain highquality hybrid energy products with payments that are less than the next best option.


Choosing the right technology is critical to a successful rural electrification program. ZeroBase builds products to meet the challenges of energy access in remote locations. Using modular designs that have been proven in the worlds harshest environments, ZeroBase products address the needs of schools, businesses, villages and agriculture in projects ranging from one to a thousand kilowatts. In addition to being a leader in technology and modular design, ZeroBase has led in offering product, installation, training, service and maintenance programs that can be replicated. This standardized approach reduces the cost and time to move from need to solution and is a key component to provide energy security and stability to communities at scale.


Whether electricity is introduced to a single school or a whole community, there are common challenges to overcome before a project can be implemented successfully.

The most long-term sustainable projects are those that remain financially viable in the absence of subsidies. While support for capital costs is usually required, it should not be necessary to sell energy below the price of production in rural communities. Residents of communities without reliable access spend a high proportion of their income on very inefficient sources of energy.

The requirements to execute a successful program go beyond selecting the right technology or vendors. Criteria for feasibility should be established no matter how present the need. Agency procurement practices must adapt to favor lifecycle costs over upfront costs. At every step, community outreach is essential to create lasting institutional structures that will protect the long-term viability of the program.

100 kW system for agricultural processing and manufacturing

5 kW mobile systems for community energy access and schools

9 kW modular, movable system used by a utility for environmental monitoring

100 kW system powering a market, agricultural processing and 450 homes in Haiti


While ZeroBase is primarily a technology provider, we recognize that technology is one part of a successful program. Our approach is provide power as a platform to enable institutions and unlock local resources that promote sustainable, flourishing communities.

  • Agriculture electricity for irrigation systems, equipment to process crops, preserve and package food, and refrigeration for cold storage
  • Public Safety lighting for public areas to increase security and power for traffic lights
  • Education power for laptops and other devices and lighting for classrooms
  • Health Care refrigeration for vaccines and power for critical assets
  • Communication power for radios and telecommunications
  • Water power for purification systems and water pumps
  • Entrepreneurship lighting to extend work hours, electricity for value added processes
  • Industry rural electrification creates local jobs in sales, installation, service, and maintenance

Whatever your project size, ZeroBase is committed to enabling the most sustainable solution. We can help align requirements to outcomes and define the right technologies for the project. Our solutions are developed with a plan for economies of scale and a focus on implementing industry standards and best practices. Community stabilization through sustainable energy access is our company’s mission and our passion.