ZeroBase Energy uses HOMER Pro to provide Grid Independence and Work Towards 100% Renewable Status at Maui Brewing Company

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  • November 18-20: International Association of Emergency Managers Conference; Savannah, GA

Press Release

ZeroBase Energy® Delivers State-of-the-Art Microgrid to Haiti

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Vice Admiral (ret.) Robert Harward appointed as Advisory Board Member of ZeroBase Energy

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2017 AUSA

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ZeroBase Energy Delivers State of the Art Mobile Hybrid Power System to Nassau County, NY Office of Emergency Management

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Modern Day Marine 2017

ZeroBase is demonstrating the Tactical Hybrid Generator at Modern Day Marine Sept 19-21st

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New Tactical Microgrid

The ZeroBase Energy Team is excited to share the efficiencies reflected in employing the NEW Tactical Microgrid on an existing Forward Operating Base (FOB). When introducing ZeroBase’s Microgrid Controller, Energy Storage and Solar Array, the end users will see energy consumption reduction of up to 30% and generator runtime reduction of up 33%. The Tactical Microgrid solution is scalable to meet power requirements and with flexible packaging can be transported by C-130 Transport Aircraft, V-22 Osprey, or trailer mounted for ground movements.

For more information on the ZeroBase Tactical Microgrid please email or call +1 (888) 530-9376 to speak with one of our Microgrid experts.

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Bringing Hybrid Power and Lighting to Rural Tanzania School

ZeroBase, LSG, Sustenersol Bring Hybrid Power and Lighting to Tanzania School KISOKWE, TANZANIA, November 2, 2015 – This week, ZeroBase finalized and announced the installation of a hybrid K-SERIES power system at Kisokwe Primary School in the Mpwapwa District of Dodoma, Tanzania. Commissioned and unveiled on the 22nd of October in a ceremony attended by school and government officials alike, the system will be providing electricity for the school to extend operating hours and allow for night education and training courses, as well as modernizing the school’s curricula with laptops and projectors. The K-SERIES installation at Kisokwe is the first of its kind. This easy-to-operate, low-maintenance solution was specially designed for African applications and incorporates state-of-the-art technology utilized by other ZeroBase clients such as the U.S. Department of Defense. [source: read more here]

ZeroBase accepts Emerging Business of the Year award

ZeroBase Named Emerging Business of the Year at Michigan Energy Innovators Gala EAST LANSING, MI, November 10, 2015 – ZeroBase efforts were recognized this week at the third annual Michigan Energy Innovators Gala, hosted by the Michigan Energy Innovation Business Council (EIBC), where ZeroBase and five other companies and two individuals were commended for their contributions to the state’s rapidly growing renewable power industry. ZeroBase was named the EIBC’s Emerging Business of the Year, one of five categories recognized during the evening, in an awards ceremony. [See more here]

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“This renewable energy system is supporting critical communication equipment which is necessary during combined counter narcotic missions. The supplied equipment is extremely user-friendly and requires minimal maintenance…”. – David Wilde, Operational Energy Program Manager for SOUTHCOM “[The FORGE] is very mobile, it has enough power to run everything we have in the aid station, it runs all day, all night, and we haven’t drained it once.” – Staff Sgt. Marcous Kim HHC, 1-6 Inf., 2HBCT, 1AD “The ZeroBase [system] provides a direct reduction in the fossil fuel requirement. The silent operations characteristics…is providing an acoustical advantage over fossil fuel generators.” – USMC ExFOB System Report “This solar hybrid [100 kW] grid is the first of its kind in Haiti. It is a very good model and should serve as a pilot to allow Haitian students and technicians to strengthen their capacities for rural electrification and microgrid [work].” – M.Marc André Chrysostom, Energy Coordinator for the Ministry in Haiti “Every phase of the project was handled in great detail. [Our] team complimented to me many times on the professionalism and complete attention to detail that ZeroBase provided. I am looking forward to working with ZeroBase on future projects and will highly recommend them.” – Customer