ZeroBase Named Emerging Business of the Year at Michigan Energy Innovators Gala


EAST LANSING, MI, November 10, 2015 – ZeroBase efforts were recognized this week at the third annual Michigan Energy Innovators Gala, hosted by the Michigan Energy Innovation Business Council (EIBC), where ZeroBase and five other companies and two individuals were commended for their contributions to the state’s rapidly growing renewable power industry. ZeroBase was named the EIBC’s Emerging Business of the Year, one of five categories recognized during the evening, in an awards ceremony. Tesla Motors Vice President of Regulatory Affairs James Chen delivered the keynote speech. ZeroBase was nominated for the EIBC’s award by partner company NextEnergy for ZeroBase’s ongoing design and innovation efforts in the field of renewable energy, as well as the company’s rapidly expanding global customer base and introductions into new markets.

The annual Michigan Energy Innovators Gala is the opportunity for Michigan’s advanced energy industry to pay tribute to and recognize those businesses, policymakers, and others who are doing the most to build the industry in Michigan. Click here to learn more about the Michigan EIBC.

ZeroBase is the leading innovator in renewable and hybrid distributed power products, specializing in remote off-grid systems that deliver power to some of the most rugged locations on the planet. ZeroBase solutions reduce the cost and risk of fossil fuel dependence for government and commercial customers, including the U.S. Department of Defense. Visit ZeroBase for more information.