Trailer Hybrid Power Generation System

The ZeroBase Trailer Mounted Hybrid Power Generation System reduces dependency on unstable, costly generator power in applications where clean, quiet power is required. The EMPAC Series power management and energy storage system automatically controls the generator, relegating its role to recharging or providing supplemental power and significantly reducing fuel usage.

This rugged hybrid power generation system comes in scalable rack mounted configurations that can be deployed as a self-sustaining portable power unit in support of mobile missions. The EMPAC hybrid power system is built to provide continuous power in extreme environmental conditions while removing the need for generator use during scheduled Silent Operation hours.

Key Features:

  • Commercial and Military variants available
  • Scalable up to 20 kW of pure sine wave output AC power
  • Scalable up to 57.6 kWh of energy storage
  • Auto start/stop generator control
  • 120/240V / 60 Hz output
  • International variant (230V / 50 hz) available upon request
  • Fuel tank integrated into trailers (commercial variants only)
  • Wide environmental operating range multiple genset options available depending on application
  • Easily accessible operating parameters via Human Machine Interface (HMI)