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In many remote places around the world, the power grid is unavailable or unreliable. Under such circumstances, many people turn to fossil fuel generatos for their power needs. Although diesel and gasoline generators are readily available for use, they require a continuous supply of fuel, regular maintenance, and monitoring. Fossil fuel generators are often oversized to meet peak load requirements and as a result waste large amounts of fuel.


The ZeroBase approach is a focus on stabilizing communities and establishing a platform for positive and consistent economic growth. From customized, hybrid system engineering that considers environmental and cultural requirements and constraints, to qualified and professional installation teams, to sustaining support through operation and maintenance, ZeroBase is committed to providing an all inclusive exceptional experience from start to finish for the customer and the community end-users as well.

The ZeroBase model goes beyond energy access by providing power as a platform that enables the development of a healthy economy. With reliable power as the foundation, communities are able to develop necessary initiatives that stabilize agriculture, security, clean water, education, health care, and communication infrastructure. Our sustainable model remains financially viable in the absence of subsidies and is scalable as demand increases. Community stabilization through sustainable energy access is our company’s mission and our passion.

Les Anglais, Haiti, microgrid which earned ZeroBase an invitation into the Clinton Global Initiative.


The ZeroBase Microgrid system has the advantage of pulling power from multiple sources such as solar panels, high energy density batteries, and diesel generators to optimize energy efficiency. Each ZeroBase system is designed to be a low-maintenance, self-contained, turnkey solution that will provide uninterrupted adaptable levels of power that work on or off grid. The standardized 40kW to 100kW scalable modules work with, or independent of, existing power assets to reduce fuel, operations, and maintenance costs by more than 50%.


“Every phase of the project was handled in great detail. [Our] team complimented to me many times on the professionalism and complete attention to detail that ZeroBase provided. I am looking forward to working with ZeroBase on future projects and will highly recommend them.” ~ Customer

Community Stabilization Needs Addressed By ZeroBase Solutions:

  • Providing power to hospitals, schools, and other critical agencies
  • Providing power for lighting, communications, tools, and water filtration
  • Keeping fuel and water pumps operational
  • Preventing sensitive electronics from being damaged due to power surges, brownouts, and failing generators
  • Reduces dependence on the fossil fuel supply

ZeroBase is the leading innovator in renewable and hybrid distributed power products, specializing in remote off-grid systems that deliver power to some of the most rugged locations on the planet. ZeroBase solutions reduce the cost and risk of fossil fuel dependence for government and commercial customers, including the U.S. Department of Defense. ZeroBase is owned by Pegasus Strategic Partners, LLC. Pegasus manages approximately $2.2 billion in assets.