Case Studies

ZeroBase provides energy solutions to the Military/DOD, Emergency Management, Developing Nations, and Private Industry.

Emergency Management Systems

6 kW Trailers

ZeroBase Energy delivered two 6 kW portable power Forward Operating Renewable GEnerator (FORGE™) trailers to the Nassau County, NY Office of Emergency Management (NCOEM).  These self-contained trailers are highly mobile and allow for rapid set-up of a complete power system in support of a disaster relief scenario.  

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Beginning in 2011 the U.S. Army’s Rapid Equipping Force (REF) initiated its Energy to the Tactical Edge effort, known as E2E, to mitigate the inherent risks associated with living on small combat outposts and forward operating bases. E2E focused on reducing troops’ reliance on fuel resupply operations and decreasing the Soldier load burden.

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In 2010, the USMC established ExFOB to implement the Marine Corps’ goal to go ashore anywhere in the world carrying only mobility fuel by 2025. ExFOB takes on the challenges of reducing fuel consumption, generating more power from renewable sources, lightening the load for Marines, and having more energy efficient installations and facilities.

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In late 2012, EarthSpark International launched Haiti’s first micro-utility, EKo Pwòp*, to provide electricity to the village of Les Anglais, where residents had previously relied on kerosene lamps for light.

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Developing World Solutions

The ZeroBase approach is a focus on stabilizing communities and establishing a platform for positive and consistent economic growth. From customized, hybrid system engineering that considers environmental and cultural requirements and constraints, to qualified and professional installation teams, to sustaining support through operation and maintenance, ZeroBase is committed to providing an all inclusive exceptional experience from start to finish for the customer and the community end-users as well.

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Microgrid Solutions

Choosing the right technology is critical to a successful rural electrification program. ZeroBase builds products to meet the challenges of energy access in remote locations. Using modular designs that have been proven in the worlds harshest environments, ZeroBase products address the needs of schools, businesses, villages and agriculture in projects ranging from one to a thousand kilowatts.

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