Portable Hybrid Power Systems

The ZeroBase Portable Hybrid Power Systems provide person portable power generation and energy storage solutions. These systems integrate intelligent controls, automatic generator start/stop functionality, solar energy production, and extended silent operations capability in to a compact, person portable package. Our portable systems ensure all connected equipment will receive pure sine wave power regardless of power source. In addition, the energy storage technology allows users to benefit from extended generator run time, fuel savings, and silent operations capability. They are the perfect solution for remote located Operations Centers, retransmission sites, and any small site that absolutely requires power surety.

Key Features:

  • Commercial and Military configurations available
  • Auto start/stop generator control
  • Single Phase 120V / 60Hz Power Output (240V available)
  • International variant (230V / 50hz) available upon request
  • Supplemental Energy Storage Modules available
  • Optional solar charging capability
  • Designed to comply with military standard environmental and mechanical specifications