Transportable Microgrids

The MX Series Transportable Microgrid is a self-contained, environmentally controlled hybrid power system that can be operational minutes after delivery to a site. The MX Series provides pure sine wave single phase or three phase power for shelters, command posts, or any other site that requires continuous, clean, reliable energy. The MX Series can be interfaced with up to two generators, or one generator and local grid, and can significantly reduce generator fuel consumption. Solar charging can also be integrated to the hybrid power system to further reduce generator run time.

Key Features:

  • Modular, turn-key power system
  • AC coupled architecture
  • Provides seamless transition between operational modes
  • Up to 120 kW of pure sine wave three phase power
  • Auto start/stop generator control
  • Can be paralleled and synchronized
  • Significant generator run time and fuel consumption reduction based on application



  • Temporary shelters; barracks, kitchens, laundry
  • Operations centers; support for critical IT and C4ISR
  • Mobile landing strips, lights, weather stations
  • Grid stabilization; resolves intermittent grid problems