ZeroBase Partners With ClearWater to Bring Renewables to Rural Kenya

LAISAMIS, KENYA, May 30, 2014 – In central northern Kenya, the rural community of Laisamis derives the majority of its electrical power from the nearby Laisamis Diesel Power Station. Being more than a hundred kilometers from any major city, and seated in the heart of the arid Chalbi Desert, Laisamis is in need of a more effective way to generate electricity without relying on the costly import of diesel fuel. Recently, ZeroBase teamed up with Nairobi-based hybrid power producer ClearWater Industries to tackle this problem.

As a community of about ten thousand people, Laisamis has a greater power requirement than can be fulfilled by any one of ZeroBase’s portable proprietary systems – so ZeroBase has sought to go bigger. With the aid of key elements provided by ClearWater and Princeton Power Systems, ZeroBase is installing a 100-kilowatt microgrid system on-site at the Laisamis Power Station. Integrating an array of nearly three hundred solar panels and a bank of more than one hundred batteries, the ZeroBase microgrid should allow Laisamis to derive a majority of its power needs from off-grid solar generation and battery storage.

This venture is the latest in ZeroBase’s ongoing expansion of its overseas microgrid installations. Late 2013 saw the integration of microgrid systems that took Ocean Vodka’s Maui, Hawaii plantation entirely off the electrical grid and powered the family-owned business entirely off of solar generation. Further microgrid installations are already in the works as ZeroBase builds upon its global network of partners and distributors.

ZeroBase is the leading innovator in renewable and hybrid distributed power products, specializing in remote off-grid systems that deliver power to some of the most rugged locations on the planet. ZeroBase solutions reduce the cost and risk of fossil fuel dependence for government and commercial customers, including the U.S. Department of Defense. Visit ZeroBase for more information.